Monday, August 25, 2008

The "write" web address

So I messed is the correct website for my new blog...please check it out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have changed my blog address and started a new blog. Of course I will keep all these archives, but it is the appropriate time for me to switch what I am doing. Since I have moved overseas, the title, Alaskan Adventures did not seem to apply anymore. So to find updates of what I am doing, please check out the new site:

I hope to read your comments there!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am officially married and am now a Mrs.! Wow, that feels so crazy to think. I don't know when I will be changing my name, but I hope it is as soon as I can. The wedding was perfect. Of course, there were a few glitches, but it went off with a bang and it seemed that everyone who attended had a good time.

I was very proud of all that we put looked amazing. I can't wait to put up some pictures, but that will just take some time, because I did not have a camera! Friday was a busy day as we finalized all the decorations. We set up tables and chairs, ironed table clothes, put together centerpieces, laid out dishes, and basically finished the special touches. Then I rushed to get my nails done, which took two and a half hours. I was so late that I did not get to take a shower before our family BBQ. Sadly, I didn't stay there long either, because I needed to drive back to the farm for the night. I had a hard time sleeping. I was nervous, anxious, and worried about everything coming together. So I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and was out working on things at 6am. It was almost relaxing to be working on things by myself. I feel like I have a new love, wedding planning. Maybe one day I will set up my life to help others with their weddings. When I left at 9am, I felt like everything was put together good enough. I was at ease as I had my hair and make-up done and I only became more excited as I returned to dress and take pictures.

The ceremony had a few music mistakes and a sudden change in how we were walking down the aisle, which really confused me...I probably should have stuck with the original plans that felt more personal. Then everyone headed over to the reception which looked good. The food and drinks were not quite what I expected, but people seemed to like everything so that is good to know. Now that it is over, I almost think we could have put the food together ourselves and made it perfect. However, I was happy and didn't care...and now I am married. I only wish we had more time to visit with family and friends before we had to leave. And tomorrow we make even bigger changes... WE MOVE TO KOSOVA! We are going to be running around with our heads cut off as we prepare for the biggest move of our lives up to this point. And my new blog is finally in place. So very shortly I will be revealing the new web address!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Planning Update

Things are going really well with my wedding planning. It is not as scary as I had imagined, but sticking to a budget is very difficult, especially when the budget is only $5000. Of course I have gone over budget, but I am proud to say that only by around $2000 dollars. I can manage that, and I guess I have to! I am anxious to get the barn cleaned out so that we can start to put up the decorations for the walls. I will have a better idea of our possibilities when we can put up the white lights and paper lanterns. Luckily, we have the ability to start putting that together a week before the wedding. And then everything else will come together the day before the wedding, since that is when the rentals will arrive. I imagine that we will be making trips all week beforehand trying to drop off items at the barn. I am so excited to get excited. Expect now I am getting stressed out about our upcoming move.


I really don't know how we are going to get everything there that we want to bring. I was even looking at all of the clothes that I am planning to bring and I don't have that much. I am almost at a point of giving up. We may just have to shell out the money...all one thousand or more! I just wish I could find a reasonable shipping company.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amy Made the Big Jump

Amy decided to take on a big adventure and bungee jump. I decided not to, because I am trying to save all my money for the wedding, but I was there for moral support and to take pictures. She seemed pretty determined to make the jump, but I didn't realize how much fear she had until we got to the bridge. I have to admit I was a little nervous for her too, because the location where I jumped looked so much safer. It helped that I was in New Zealand and it was the site of the first ever commercial bungee jump. They had a lot of experience and the facility looked well established. In Costa Rica it looked like they had just set up shop. They even used a different set up for her ankle harness. I didn't want to scare her though, so I didn't say anything.

I really noticed the fear when she stepped on the platform and then she looked at me. I could tell she didn't want to do this. Of course they did a count down and she didn't jump. In fact, I think they counted down four or five times (by the last time everyone who was watching was trying to encourage her on). Some people were laughing because she was a bit hysterical. She kept looking at me and would say, "I'm scared I don't want to do this...Trrracccccy!" I didn't know what to say. I told her to take a deep breath and to remember why she wanted to jump. Then I began saying that she didn't have to go through with it.

She eventually jumped and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Apparently she started to jump and decided against it, but it was too late. So she almost fell into a somersault. It was so funny and odd looking. And then she held onto the rope the whole way down with her hands. I think her shoulders were sore afterwards, because of her crazy fear. And when she finally was pulled back up to the bridge you could just see her hands shaking. It didn't look like she was relieved until she was on solid ground. I have a feeling it was an adventure that she will not be repeating, because she had such a huge fear. That was our last day in Costa Rica...then it was time to pack up and prepare for the trip home!